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Volunteer Opportunity: The Wall Street Journal CEO Council

Volunteer_handsThe strategic communications firm CWA invites sharp, self-motivated, and outgoing Trachtenberg School students to volunteer at The Wall Street Journal CEO Council.


The Wall Street Journal CEO Council annual meeting will assemble more tan 100 chief executives of the world’s largest companies in Washington to address the most pressing business and public policy issues of the day.

This year’s program will focus on the coming leadership change in Washington and how it will affect national and global concerns such as: security; the economic outlook; immigration; education; innovation; and regulation. The CEO’s will hear from top policy makers and experts in provocative interviews led by the Journal’s senior editors. And critically, they will propose their own solutions to some of the greatest challenges facing global enterprise today – an agenda for the next president.

We would appreciate you passing this volunteer opportunity along to your students. If any are interested in volunteering, they can see the attached volunteer document for more information, or sign up here: http://goo.gl/forms/NBZDSVqiox

CWA is always looking to connect local university students with career building opportunities.


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