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Southern Economic Association DC Meetings

your-invitedFrom Nov 19-21, the Southern Economic Association will hold its annual meetings at the  JW Marriott Washington DC.  Members of GW’s Regulatory Studies Center will be on panels at 8am on Saturday, Sunday and Monday and offer donuts to anyone who comes to hear them.

Graduate students in economics and entrepreneurship will be particularly interested in the talks by Andrei Shleifer (on educating entrepreneurs) on Saturday Nov. 19 at 5:00pm, and Israel Kirzner (on the theory of the entrepreneurial market process) on Sunday Nov. 20 at 6:00pm.


In addition, for students interested in experimental approaches to the social sciences, Vernon Smith will be honored on Saturday Nov. 19 at 10:00am and will feature presentations by Catherine Eckles, Elizabeth Hoffman, Charles Plott among others.

In addition, for students interested in public policy there will be many sessions devoted to the subject.

Student registration is $50.  https://www.southerneconomic.org/conference-registration/?conferenceId=2


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