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New Fall Special Topics Course: Designing More Effective Government Relations

Designing More Effective Government Regulations (PPPA6085.12) will meet on Thursdays from 6:10-8pm. The 3-credit course will be taught by David Hindin and Jon Silberman.

Effective government regulations play a critical role in protecting public health, the environment, and our economy but achieving these protections depends on widespread compliance with the regulations.

This course reviews the economic, behavioral, political, and legal challenges in developing effective regulations, followed by principles and tools for designing regulations to overcome these challenges.

These include how to leverage new developments in monitoring technology, information technology, pollution control, and the behavioral sciences that offer paradigm changes in how we design regulations to drive compliance.

Students will read a range of cutting edge studies, augmented by the instructors’ extensive hands-on experience writing, implementing, and enforcing regulations.  The class will use a mix of lectures, discussion, classroom exercises, and student presentations and papers that emphasize environmental regulation but also address programs in diverse fields such as finance, taxes, occupational safety and health, and other fields of student interest.

Jon Silberman is an environmental attorney with over three decades of experience designing and implementing regulations, litigating enforcement actions, negotiating settlements, promoting compliance and deterrence, and measuring and evaluating program outcomes. David Hindin is a federal executive with 30 years of experience developing and implementing environmental programs and rules; training state and federal enforcement personnel; litigating enforcement cases; managing national environmental information systems; promoting public access to government information; and leading initiatives to modernize environmental programs.


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