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Volunteers Needed for Medical Study

Researchers at the Milken Institute School of Public Health & the GW Medical Faculty Associates are recruiting volunteers to participate in a study to learn about the effects of low-calorie sweeteners on metabolism and health. If you are a healthy female, between 18-25 years of age, please consider participating.

The study involves a phone screening, an in-person screening visit, and then two four-hour long study visits. We will collect blood samples to measure your response to glucose, ask you to provide a sample of your stool to measure the bacteria in your digestive system, and where we will collect a small sample of your fat. After completion of the first study visit, you will be asked to drink diet soda three times daily for eight weeks. You will also be asked to complete telephone interviews about your diet over the course of the eight weeks.

$580 compensation is provided.

Study Number: 111635

Principal Investigators: Allison Meni, PhD and Sabyasachi Sen, MD

Please contact our study team at sweetenersmetabolism@gmail.com if interested!


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