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The Wilson Center-Arctic Circle Forum: The United States and Russia in the Arctic

Trachtenberg School students are invited to attend The Wilson Center-Arctic Circle Forum: The United States and Russia in the Arctic on Wednesday, June 21, from 8:30 am-5:40 pm at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center Amphitheater. Register to attend. The Arctic is a region of international dialogue and potential competition, of varied challenges and diverse opportunities. […]

PhDs: Suggested Off-Campus Course

Melissa McShea recommends this  one-day course that she found to be quite interesting and useful when she took it 4 years ago.  It is called “Presenting Data and Information” given entirely by Edward Tufte, author of four wonderful books on analytical design.  The fee is $220 for students, faculty, and postdocs.  Everyone taking the course receives copies […]

Recent Library Acquisitions

Behold a list of recently-acquired tomes.  Any item on this list described in the local catalogue as “in process” is one that has not yet been completely processed for public use.  One may request at the circulation desk for such an item to be rush processed.  The item will then be processed within two working […]

Fall Course: Econometrics 2

One section of Econometrics 2 (PPPA 8022) is being offered in the Fall on Monday nights. Students that have already registered should note that the course has been changed from Wednesday nights to Mondays. You can now register online with the CRN 87975.

From Data to Insight Using Data Analytics

June 19-23, 2017 From Data to Insight Using Data Analytics Cambridge, MA The New England Complex Systems Institute is offering a rigorous five day course on the fundamentals of data analytics from June 19-23, 2017. Participants will develop the skills needed to transform raw data into visualizations and insight. This course will cover how to […]

Dissertation Proposal: Abhishek Saurav

Title: Essays on Migration Impact and Remittances Behavior Date: May 31, 2017 Time: 2-4pm Location: TSPPPA, Media and Public Affairs Building, 603 Committee: Dylan Conger (chair), Professor of Public Policy and Public Administration / Director, Doctoral in Public Policy and Administration Burt Barnow, Amsterdam Professor of Public Service and Economics, Trachtenberg School of Public Policy […]

Congrats, and Happy Summer!

The Trachtenberg School would like to congratulate all of our wonderful graduates on their successful completion of their program requirements! For students still working towards that end, we wish you luck on your summer courses and other endeavors. Keep an eye out for the newsletter, which will be sent every two weeks from now until […]

Fulbright Lecture: Welfare Dependency in Romania: From a Risk-Ignoring to a Risk-Reversal Society

Two PPPA Summer Courses

Atlantic Expedition: Modernizing Transatlantic Relations

Atlantic Expedition – Modernizing Transatlantic Relations atlantic-expedition.org 30 US and German Fellows, who were selected through an essay competition, collaborated in working groups to write policy memos on the entire transatlantic agenda … Greetings from the Atlantische Initiative in Berlin, a non-profit NGO dedicated to promoting collaboration between US and European citizens. Our fellowship and […]